Basics of Good Nutrition Nutrition Facts 101

The basics of good nutrition don't have to be intimidating. There are some key elements that you have to grasp, but once you understand those your off to the races.

The problem is there is so much bad information and terrible diet plans out there many people either don't know where to start or what to listen to. Start Here,

(Quick note if you need a refresher on what macronutrients ie. protein, carbs and fats really are check out this link)

You, Nutrition and Physical Fitness Three Isnt Always a Crowd

The first thing we need to make clear is living a healthy lifestyle is a combination of health and fitness. Please remember that learning and implementing a nutrition plan works MUCH better when you are living an active lifestyle.

The two go hand and hand, and neither will give you your desired results alone. Say it with us one time health and fitness.

Understanding nutrition and physical fitness is what this website is all about. The basics of good nutrition are mostly common sense, we go over them in detail below, but really they can be adapted to any lifestyle.

H2O, Aqua, Water

Water is your best friend and is really key in understanding the make up of your body. Your body is composed of 70 % of the wet stuff.

So please people put down those diet cola cans and pick up a water bottle. I see so many people trying to lose weight, at the grocery store with a couple cases of diet cola in their shopping cart.

Simply this doesn't work. If you get one point from my basics of good nutrition webpage understand this, and start tomorrow. It will change your life! This one simple change in your life can honestly make a world of difference.

You can drink fruit juices, (e.g yumberry) milk and teas, even a coffee a day is not bad but what your body really needs is water. Most of us walk around every day mildly dehydrated. Our bodies cant hope to function at 100% like this.

Fad Diets Don't Work

Please don't get sucked into the fad diet rollercoaster. It really is a shame that good people get duped day in and day out by these fad diets.

Diets like Atkins and many other that restrict foods like whole grains and fruits should be outlawed. Check out our best diet tips. This will get you started in the right direction.

If your goal is to lose weight remember, it takes time. But if you do it properly you will see results and the results will be life long. Its a combination of nutrition and physical fitness that will get you to your goals.

The simple answer to weight loss is to intake less calories than you burn throughout the day. (There are a few other things to look at, like what kind of calories you are eating)

It takes a deficit of 3500 calories to burn through one pound of fat. Fitness is one way to do that, but the most effective for most people is through their diets.

If you cut out bad snacks and switch to more higher fiber carbohydrates you can honestly cut 500 calories a day out of your diet.

Combine that with a really good fitness plan and you are well on your way.

Have you been on a starvation diet before? In that case you need to fix your damaged metabolism. Let us teach you how.

Eating To Support Muscle Growth

It doesn't matter if your fitness goals are to bulk up or to lose weight; to do each of those effectively you need to build muscle.

Getting a strong lean body is instrumental in a healthy lifestyle, and it is a goal that most people have for themselves. But to truly understand how to get a strong body you have to understand how to fuel a strong body.

Check out this article on the ultimate muscle building diet plan, it has tons of tips and advice on how to optimize your meal plan so you are fueling your body correctly.

Remember, most experts agree that nutrition is more than half the battle when it comes to building the body that many strive for.

Grocery Shopping The Right Way

When you're planning your week of food remember the old food triangle. Your diet needs to consist of these foods.

I am sure you have heard it before, but this tidbit of information is true, (nutrition fact alert) the majority of your groceries should be bought from the perimeter of the store.

Get your fruits and veggies, lean meats, whole grains, dairy products and try not to overdo the processed foods and deserts.

Also make sure you stock your cart with these kind of foods... These are the foods that boost your metabolism. By adding these to your diet your metabolism will shoot through the roof.

Also, check out these foods that prevent weight loss. Some may be a surprise to you. It is often not enough just to eat the good foods, but you have to also not eat the bad foods.

As if you really need another reason to eat your veggies. Here is one, they will actually help you burn belly fat.

Thats right, want to learn more info on the best fat burning veggies? These specific kind of veggies actually combat the harmful chemicals that invade our bodies on a daily basis.

Eating Healthy Doesn't Have To Be Boring

Let us assure you that eating a healthy balanced diet doesn't have to be boring. If you need some inspiration please check out these easy healthy recipes. Also, if you have a great easy healthy recipe that you want to share please feel free to.

Not All Fats Are Equal Some Are Actually Good

Ok, now we are moving from the basics of good nutrition and getting into the advanced stuff… Really we are, remember the basics of good nutrition isn't rocket science. What its really about is making the right choices.

You may have heard that there are two kinds of fat. Good Fats and Bad Fats. Good Fats are called monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats, and the bad fats are called Trans Fats. But wait, how do you tell the difference. Want to learn more information on good fats vs bad fats.

Basically you need to cut out as much Trans Fats as possible. This stuff will really kill you. It is terrible . But you also need to get enough of the good fats.

It sounds funny but these kind of good fats will actually help burn fat. Thats right! Unsaturated fats will work with your body to eliminate that bad fats that pile up on our bellies.

Drink Your Post Workout Meal

Remember the beginning of the page, when we decided that nutrition and physical fitness is part of a balanced lifestyle. Say it with me once more health and fitness.

The meal right after your fitness routine is done is the meal that is the most important of the day. You have between 30 min to 1 hour after your workout to get your muscles what they need.

During this period your body will get the most out of what you put into it. The "good stuff" will get absorbed by your body much more completely than at any other time.

It really is a key meal. So what should you have in your post workout meal? Great question, it needs to have the stuff your muscles need to recuperate. Its always a good idea to have a shake, and in that shake add some whey protein.

Also if you are doing strength training and looking to build muscle add creatine monohydrate.

They call it the golden meal, that's because your muscles are in desperate need of the nutrients they need to repair themselves.

What you need is a shake with about 1/4 gram of protein for each pound you weigh, (175 pound person should have about 44 grams of protein) and about 2/5 a gram of good carbs per pound, (the same 175 pound person should have about 70 grams of carbs).

It is much easier to have this meal in a shake, because it gets absorbed by your body very easily.

Alright Guys and Gals Basics Of Good Nutrition

What basics of good nutrition have we learn today? Well hopefully you have found that nutrition really isn't a scary subject, and that you too can be a healthy person.

You need to take a little bit of time out of your schedule to buy and prepare good healthy foods. And most important, you are going to put that diet cola down and pick up a bottle of water. Your body will love you for it.

I want to leave you with a few articles from Tom Venuto, he is behind one of the greatest fat loss programs out there. Its called Burn the Fat. Check out these Burn The Fat articles.

You can do it!!! Please check out other sections of our site for more great information on nutrition and physical fitness. Also please have a look through the other articles on this page, they have tons more info that goes beyond the basics of good nutrition covered here!