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Too many guys are walking around like this, they just don't understand how to really build muscle.  Let me teach you the actual way to start building real solid muscle today.  Become the guy you want to see when you look in the mirror.
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My name is Andrew Cheyne and I want to share something with you today, this secret is so powerful that it changed me from a 6 foot, 155lb scrawny 'everyday guy' into 200 lbs of rock hard muscle.

Here is my picture, I am in the business of getting you building muscle. Let me share my secret formula below. ->

Like many of you, I never liked my body and until about 3 1/2 years ago I thought I was just stuck with it.  At that point I decided to Start Working Out. But much to my despair nothing was happening.  I didn't know why, and plain and simple I thought it was unfair.  Why could some people be in such great shape and I was just doomed to be scrawny.

Great body transformation are happening everyday out there, have a look at two that transformations below which you may recognize.
vince delmonte weight gain
You may recognize these guys, they are two of the most informative individuals when it comes to building muscle, click on each to visit their personal sites.

nick nilsson before and after

I decided that there must be a better answer to this problem, I mean if they could do it so could I. There was no way that I just had to deal with it!  So I started doing some research and learning the in's and out's of Muscle Building.  I put together a formula for success.  

In fact the formula is very simple, this formula when combined with a number of other factors like the proper workout plan, great muscle building recieps and a couple other ingredients is the key to success. Here it is!

I Want To Give You The #1 Secret To Muscle Building... I Have More In The Program Below!

Intensity + Fuel + Rest + Confusion = Fast Muscle Building
But there is one more factor, which is actually the #1 component and it changes the formula slightly.  So after over 3 years of testing and perfecting I have come up with this, which when combined with the other elements of the Muscle Building Masterpiece will guarantee results.
Intensity + Fuel + REST + Confusion + Motivation = A Muscle Masterpiece
Here's your chance to gain incredible size and strength fast by using powerful (and completely safe) muscle-building strategies that most people will never know about - whether you're a gym junkie or complete beginner!

If You Want To Build Muscle, This Program Provides The Best Value On The Market Today, Hands Down!

beginners guide to muscle buildingThe Other Muscle Building Programs Out There Often Sell For $100 Or More & Many Are Filled With Fluff.  Thier Results Are Not Achievable. These Programs Will Fill Your Head With Concepts That Don't Produce Results.

My Program Is Different!

First Of All I Don't Charge You An Arm & A Leg For It.  

Second I Give You The Information To Get Rolling Right Away.  I Want You To Start Building Muscle Today and That Happens In The Gym and The Kitchen Not Sitting Around Reading A Program That Just Won't Work!

Here is The Meat and Potatoes of 
What I Am Giving You

check'Beginners Guide To Muscle Building' complete program with a guaranteed Muscle Building Formula. It's over 90 Pages of pure content which will detail the program in a way that you will understand! With Complete Access To Me If You Have Any Questions!

check6 Months of Workout Routines with Printable Tracking Charts.  These workouts are designed with one goal in mind "To Build Muscle and Strength"

 checkA Complete Muscle Building Recipe Guide with over 50 recipes and Sample Meal Plans.  These Recipes will Give Your Muscles What They Need!
checkA 60 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee "I will Literally Take All The Risk On This... You Don't Like It You Get Your Money Back!"

Finally...you can discover the "insider secrets" that everyone desires... secrets that can quickly turn your body into a work of art you will be proud to show off at the beach, by the pool, or even in the bedroom...

Whether you're a gym addict or just starting out, now you can easily learn the "little-known" tips, tricks and techniques of...

How to pack on pounds of solid muscle in just weeks instead of years! (And, do it all safely! No harmful drugs or painful workouts are needed.)
How to easily get stronger and healthier without using complicated machines or expensive gym memberships
How to look more attractive to others, especially with your shirt off, and walk into any situation with more confidence
Exactly what to feed your body - and when to do it - so you can see maximum muscle gains in the shortest time possible!
The myths and outright lies that are being taught since high school (and beyond) which continue to keep you from reaching your muscle and strength ultimate! (Now, you can stop wasting time and effort, for good.)

And that's just the beginning of what you'll discover here!

This special, revealing Program titled...
"Beginners Guide To Muscle Building"

beginners guide to muscle building...will transform just about anyone's body into a stronger, leaner, muscular and sexier physique starting in a matter of weeks. (And if you already look pretty good, you'll still find ways to break through any barriers or blocks that have held you back from reaching your size or strength peak .)

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Check Out What Others Have Said About The Beginners Guide To Muscle Building!

Everyday Guys Gaining Major Muscle Mass!

Check Out Another Success Story!

 Hi Andrew,

When I was in school I was as skinny as a rail. My nickname was actually "Railroad," not because of my size but because I was as skinny as a rail. I was never a star athlete and I never dated any cheer leaders.

In fact I only had one girlfriend in high school, weight about twice as much as I did. This only left me the target for merciless teasing and eventually we broke up. When I graduated high school and was getting ready for college I made a resolution to get in shape and build some real muscle mass. This was easier said that done.

And since I had never had much interest in exercising I wasn't quite sure where to start. Lucky for me I found The Beginners Guide To Muscle Building, the routines I discovered in this book where exactly what I needed. Shortly after a starting the system I added about five pounds of muscle. For me this was a huge feat. But if you would have told me that after one year I would put on 20 pounds of lean muscle I would have laughed. But then I didn't put 20 pounds on either, I actually put 23 pounds on and my girlfriend loves it!

Keep Up The Good Work,

Robin Everett

Hi Andrew,

There is something that I wanted to talk to you about. First, Beginners Guide To  Muscle Building is simply great. It is the best bodybuilding routine that I have ever used, and your tracking system is second to none.

But that is beside the point, you probably get a hundred guys like me telling you how great your system is everyday. But that is only because it works. I personally bulked up by 15 lbs and that is pure muscle! However, your recipes are what really amaze me here. Normally you would get a program like this and they would preach about eating right, you do to but there is a huge difference. The normal program gives you diets that either don't work, provide too little protein or resemble rabbit food. Beginners Guide to Muscle Building's recipes on the other hand are simply awesome. Not only do they taste amazing and are easy to prepare but they also give you the energy you need to feed the muscle and this is huge. And that has been one of the reasons for my gains.

My dream had been to start competing in local bodybuilding competitions, it was because of Beginners Guide To Muscle Building that I was confident to move forward with it. And you know what, I didn't only compete, I won the first three competitions I took part it, number four is coming up in a month. And I owe it all to this  Muscle Building Masterpiece.

Marcus Evans


I have been a career firefighter for the last decade. I had always been on the portly side but I was able to pass the physicals exams with moderate exertion.

When my wife became pregnant she naturally put on some weight, but strangely so did I. She would jokingly tell me that it was "sympathy weight gain." Is there such a thing? Well if there is, there sure isn't sympathy weight loss. And as I watched her lose weight I oddly did not. It was actually the opposite. I gained even more. In the course of eleven months I put on close to 50 pounds.

The next physical that I took wasn't passed with "moderate exertion" it was passed with maximum exertion! If things kept going the way they were I wouldn't be so lucky next time. That meant that I needed to do something and do it now. One of the other firefighters at the station, a rather well built man named Frank always seemed to make staying in shape look effort less. So I decided to ask him if he could help. He said no, but that he could do something even better. It's from him that I found The Beginners Guide to Muscle Building.

Well, I will be honest with you, I fully expected something else. I expected something harder, your program in almost too easy, but that is why it is so successful. The workout routines are great, they give me just what I need and I have been having tremendous success with The Beginners Guide to Muscle Building. I really am able to burn the fat and build solid muscle.

George Crowe

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It's Not Just About 'Vanity'

No, it's not just about wanting to look lean, hard, and sexy...

Because with each passing day, our muscles shrink in size and become weaker. Most of us may not notice this change visually because, as our muscles are shrinking, our fat deposits are increasing.

The point is, both of these changes make us less healthy and more prone to diseases and injury. And, the only way to stop that from happening is to exercise regularly, and eat better.

If that isn't enough reason for you to start working out and building bigger, stronger muscles, just notice how much more attention and 'looks' a healthy, muscular person gets...compared to everyone else.

The benefits of having a leaner, stronger, sexier body are too many to list. Aside from looking and feeling healther, younger, sexier, and more energetic, your overall confidence and state of mind also improve dramatically.

And, if you're going to put the time and effort into exercising, why not do it right so that you see bigger, better and faster results!

I can't even begin to describe how powerfully these secrets can affect your muscle-building plan! And you can find them all here, in this exciting report.

You will discover pages of expert tips and powerful techniques - many of which will shock and make you realize why those "old" ways of working out aren't working so well.

In fact, you'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to build muscle when you have access to the "little-known" recipe...

No matter what we do in life, there is always the right way of doing things... and the wrong way. There is the fast and efficent way...or the slow and hard way.

If you've been working out for a while, without seeing any major visible results, you already know that exercise and eating cans of tuna isn't enough. There's more to this muscle-building process than that.

While exercise and diet may work for 'some' people, it's not enough to build big, strong muscles for the rest of us.

Superior knowledge and technology is needed to perform at optimum levels - and to get maximum results.

When you have all the important components of the equation, it's actually quite easy to build muscle fast.

Unfortunately, most of us don't have access to the knowledge and experience that the pro athletes and their trainers do.

But, that's about to change...

When you learn the information in this special report, and use it exactly as described, you can create a hard, attractive body in ONE month. I usually tell people to give it at least 2 to 3 months. But, I have personally seen results in as little as 4 weeks.

If you're a little skeptical about the above claims, that's perfectly understandable. I was too, when I first started using this system. But, after following the plan, exactly, for one whole month, I was shocked at the results.

I was personally able to see muscle gains within the first month that I had not seen after 7+ years of previous pain and sweat in the gym.

And, that's exactly what I'm offering you here...a chance to...

Still Skeptical?  Check Out Some More Testimonials!

Hi Andrew,

A Beginners Guide to Muscle Building you saved my life. In early 2009 I was in a car accident that left me immobile for nearly six months. This was a really hard time for me, especially since I was always a very active and athletic person. As you can imagine I began to become weaker and weaker and I slipped into a very depressive state.

As I was finishing up the rest of my physical therapy I decided to regain the lost muscle mass.

This proved hard and I was finding it hard to stay motivated. I had also taken back my old job which was leaving me mentally and physically depleted when I came home. Too tired to exercise. that is what I would tell myself. One evening after coming home I sat down in my favorite chair and was soon fast asleep. Several hours later I work with a jolt and that is when inspiration hit me. I had never lived like this before, before the accident I was going placing and doing things after work.

Since I couldn't motivate myself I decided to go a step further, I decided to force myself to keep up an exhausting exercise routine. This didn't last long, after two weeks I realized I was on the right path but going at it completely wrong.

The routine was a good idea, but by further draining my limited physical resources I wasn't doing myself any good. I needed a routine that gave me the best of both worlds and A Beginners Guide To Muscle Building was it. The routines and tracking system you share in your book are perfectly balanced to give the maximum amount of gains and and the most energy. I have even gained back the muscle mass that I lost and back to my sturdy 185 pounds. My next goal is to pack on some real muscle and beef up to 200 pounds.

Danny Conner

Hey Andrew,

I had been lifting weights for a little over a decade and I was not satisfied with the gains I had made in the last couple of years. But I had succeeded in convincing myself that I was going through a phase. That I needed to work harder to get to the next level.

It slowly became an obsession and I started to lift more and more. With little improvement. There was something wrong, why else wasn't I seeing much improvement? My friends, also bodybuilders, tried to cheer me up. It's just phase, etc. But I wasn't willing to accept that, I needed a solution and your book a Beginners Guide to Muscle Building turned out to be it. I realized what I was doing wrong and you showed me how to fix it. I have been lifting now based on your formula for a little over three months and have packed on an additional 10 pounds of solid muscle.


Phil Green

End the Years of Frustration and Wasted Effort

Yes, I've been there... I've spent many years in the gym, sweating and working hard. And yet, I had nothing to show for it. Just a little bit of definition and tone, but nothing even close to a body I would be proud to show others.

I know from personal experience that it can be frustrating, and very discouraging. Especially when you see others walking around as if they were born with that herculean body.

And no matter how hard I tried, no matter how much we work and sweat I put in, and no matter how many different 'systems' and supplements I tried, the gains just didn't come.

If you've experienced any of what I have, you can end it now.

You can put all the failures and wasted time behind you...and start using what has proven to produce results fast!

And, in this powerful report, you'll finally find out exactly how to do that.

How Would Your Life Become Better, Healthier And More Exciting After You Discover These 
'Beginners' Secrets for Yourself?

I don't know how you would imagine enjoying all this powerful knowledge. I don't know if you could picture having the lean, hard, muscular body that most people only dream about...I don't know if you could visualize looking in the mirror every morning, and seeing the kind of physique that you've always wanted...

And I certainly couldn't imagine the profound sense of pleasure, admiration and confidence...you'd enjoy in, and out, of your shirt.

Can you handle the looks you would get from complete strangers...or the attention (and curiosity) from your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and just about everyone else around you?

You are just minutes away from having the knowledge that can turn your body into such a specimen!

As you imagine all those ways your life can become better right now, why not grab your copy of this powerful report and start creating the body of your dreams - the one that you know you deserve!

And, just to make things even easier for you...

I'll Take All The Risk So YOU Don't Have To!

Here's the bottom line...

You either love this Program, or you don't pay for it!

I'll take all the risk. Get your copy of this hot report right now and go through it. Put it to the test for a full two months. And...

If, for any reason (or for no reason at all), you decide this product doesn't work for you as promised, simply let me know within the next 60 days and you'll get a complete refund of your purchase price. There will be no questions asked, and no hassles.

You see, I believe that giving you the chance to personally experience what this astonishing report offers is simply the best way to "prove to you" what you may be missing out on.

I honestly believe you're going to love what this report can do for you. So, please... don't pass up this ridiculously generous offer... you may never get an opportunity to have this report in your hands again at this low price.

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checkComplete Muscle Building Recipe Guide with Sample Meal Plans and Much More
check60 Day Money Back Guarantee "I will Literally Take All The Risk On This...  You Don't Like It You Get Your Money Back!"

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