The Ideal Max Bench Press Chart Calculator

Here is the human body skeleton diagram for you to use. I use it myself a lot when I am checking out diferent workout routines and doing research for my website.

I put together this bench press chart or bench press calculator so you could use it to figure out your max bench press weight.

As you know it is often tough to actually find your max pressing weight.

I know for myself I don't always like to try and press the max weight that I can. It is also often impossible to do if you are working out by yourself. Literally you could hurt yourself badly or worse.

Here is the Max Bench Press Chart For You To Check Out

max bench press chart calculator

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Do You Want to Increase Your Max Bench Press?

If you are interested in actually increasing your max pressing weight the bench press chart above won't really help much.

You gotta actually get in there and slug it out, as the saying goes! There are a couple programs that have been put together to help you get to the max bench weight.

The program that I think you will really get the most out of is called Blast Your Bench by Lee Hayward.

This program is out of this world when it comes to increasing your max bench press. You will literally see your mark on this bench press chart increase dramatically.

So, if your main goal is to increase your bench press, then have a look at Blast Your Bench by Lee Hayward the program that guarantees that you can increase your bench press by 50 pounds in 3 weeks.